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Introducing Olmo, a networking tool that gives you access to industry leaders, accomplished entrepreneurs and seasoned managers. It’s simple; ask a question and we’ll introduce you to people who’ve been there and are eager to share their experiences.
Get real advice from superstars and start making better decisions.
Senior Manager
American Express
Design Lead
Vice President
VICE Media
Senior Director
Powered by great people
We’ve assembled a sizable community of leaders to help you get better at what you do or dream of doing — be it a job, calling, or career. Great professionals from great companies with great insights.
Former President
Sony Entertainment
Former President
Fox Television
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs
and many
Ask anything, this is a safe place.
Ask the questions that you’ve been dying to know your whole working life. Or the ones that stand in the way of you getting ahead.
I need help
with a task
How to be
happy at work
The balance between
work and family
How to negotiate
my salary
Finding the
perfect job
Find the best place
that fosters diversity
How to handle a
difficult boss
How to quit
Olmo is available
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1. Get matched with folks that know their s**t.
2. Chat at your own pace at your own time.
3. Be in control of your information. No tricks!
Meet the team
We started Olmo to help society become more equitable, where access to opportunities is readily available to those who put in the effort. Who you know matters as much as what you know, but building a diverse network of quality relationships can be challenging and elusive. We’re changing that by seamlessly connecting people in the right context to radically transform the way people approach their work and realize more fulfilling lives.
Seung Bak
Olmo is a way for me to pay it forward and thank all the people who helped me get to where I am today.
Tanaz Mody
Head of Operations
To get to where I am today, required resources to grow and develop. I had to cultivate a network that I could rely on. Olmo provides the tools for everyone, anywhere to have access to these resources.
Daniele Codega
Head of Product
Since I’ve moved to the US, I’ve been lucky enough to meet great people. These connections gave me access to opportunities and advice that made my career. If I had to start over, I wouldn't want to rely on luck!
Marvin Li
Head of Engineering
When you're magically expected to be an expert in everything at work, Olmo is a safe place to say, "Hey, I need help," or ask "How do I do this new and scary thing?"
Janet Lee
Senior Software Engineer
I find that Olmo will be a great tool to talk about subjective professional issues in a more comfortable and personal way. Excited about the technologies we're building this on and happy to see Olmo grow and evolve.
Ryan Cochrane
Senior Software Engineer
Bringing Olmo to life one line of code at a time! I have always been fascinated by utilizing technology to connect people. Creating Olmo is one step forward in making quality professional connections that can last a lifetime.
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